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Sartorial Sitdown with Hanneli Mustaparta

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One of the most anticipated sightings of Fashion Week, whether you’re at the tents at Bryant Park or at an after-party at Le Baron, is model cum blogger, Hanneli Mustaparta. Or more accurately, what Hanneli is wearing. On every best-dressed list there is, the 27-year-old Norwegian isn’t just a pair of Dunaway cheekbones and hi-lo styling at its least pretentious best, however. Plugging away as an MTV presenter in Stockholm (she splits her time between there and New York), Hanneli, as evidenced on her popular self-titled blog, is also quite the talented writer and photographer.Best of all, though, apart from all her cool clothes and cool jobs, Hanneli is the girl who’d rather spend her Thursday nights with Kim and NeNe than with the beautiful crowd at the club. And that, you have to love.With all the fashion and fashion photography blogs out there, how do you set yours apart from the pack? For me it’s important to come up with original material—that’s what makes blogging fun for me. I post street style pictures or photos of my own outfits, but I try to do it in a new, fun and unexpected way.Who has been your photography mentor? When I started out, I was really inspired by Scott Schuman’s approach to [link href=’’ link_updater_label=’external’ target=’_blank’]The Sartorialist, and when I discovered Tommy Ton’s Jak & Jil I really liked what he did as well. But technically, I haven’t had any mentors. I ask photographers I know from my modeling days if I ever have an issue with my camera. – Continue Reading Below Photos courtesy of Hanneli MustapartaSpeaking of modeling, you’ve conquered that world, you’ve styled, you’re a seasoned blogger and a budding photographer—is the next step your own fashion line? That would be truly amazing, a dream come true. We’ll see what the future will bring!The [link href=’’ link_updater_label=’external’ target=’_blank’]Acne dress you wore when our street style photographer captured you outside a show in New York, where did you pick it up, and when can I borrow it?Haha , anytime, dear! I got it in Acne’s store in Norrmalmstorg (a shopping square in Stockholm) this past spring. It’s fun to wear because of its shape, and I’m in love with the pastel purple color. – Continue Reading BelowI know you split your time in Stockholm and New York—when you’re back in the States, do you watch any of our low-rent reality TV? I’ll never get tired of the of The Real Housewives, especially the women from Atlanta and New York City. Those shows are so crazy! Sometimes I have a hard time believing these people really exist!You have $5K to spend at either Barneys, Jeffrey, or ZARA…where do you go, and how do you spend your money? Definitely Barneys. I´d go bananas. I would go for something special and quirky but something I could still keep in my closet for a long time. Quirky-timeless, you could say! I’d try to find an amazing dress Canada Goose outlet store , cool shoes, and a beautiful, sculptural coat. When I was little, I watched the news about a boy who had won a competition in a toy store in Norway, and he got five minutes to pick anything he wanted from the entire store. After that, I always used to daydream that I would win a similar competition at my local shopping mall—in my head, I would carefully decide which route was the smartest to take to get everything I wanted. In this scenario, I’d do the same thing!

Sartorial Sitdown with Hanneli Mustaparta

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This is the problem with that. As much as people like to think OSU is only football. It isn OSU uses the football team to help with branding. I watched an old neighbor apartment go up. I was at the front door trying to put it out with them before o gave up. I got to watch from 10 feet away just outside the front door as if went from an oven fire to out the kitchen, across the hall and completely up the stairs.

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This is really excellent. I think it solves a lot of the debate about what should be in a review and what shouldn and will be a superb guide for those who are still learning to create a complete review. I love that it allows people to readThis is really excellent.

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