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Choosing the right product is important if you want to ensure the best performance and safety standards for your home or business. According to a study by the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, some solar panels can generate up to 20 per cent more power than other models because of the components they use.

stock1[1]This is why Nicholls uses only quality components in every product, from panels and inverters to electrical switchgear and cables. Not only do we ensure long-lasting performance for every customer this way, but we also avoid the many unfortunate product recalls that other solar power companies have to deal with when they supply cheaper, less reliable parts.

The Nicholls Group Difference

Our engineers can design and install battery systems into your new solar PV system for optimal performance, helping you cut down your energy bills for good.

Nicholls can also guarantee a well-designed zero export device if your utility needs require one. This device is capable of limiting the power supply from your solar PV system to the grid, complying with all regulations.

Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Brands

Nicholls only recommends and delivers products from major manufacturers who can offer excellent warranty service and long-term support teams. Our company has enjoyed a long association with such impressive names as:

  • Q-Cells: This German manufacturer delivers high-end solar panels like the high-performance Q. Peak-G3.
  • Trina: One of the largest solar power businesses in the world, Trina stands out for its product diversity and efficiency.
  • ReneSola: Internationally renowned, ReneSola manufactures the wafers that form the backbone of so many solar cells in our products.
  • SMA: From the US, SMA delivers high-end solar inverters to homes and businesses worldwide.
  • Power One: Power One has the distinction of helping homeowners and business owners create their own energy-saving plan through a network of solar power suppliers.
  • Samil: As the fastest growing solar inverter manufacturer, Samil’s impressive energy-saving results can be seen in over 20 countries worldwide, including here in Australia.

Contact our system designers today and see for yourself why Nicholls is the industry leader for solar power product design and installation, as well as a provider of top-quality customer service and satisfaction.

Experience True Comfort in your Home or Business

For a free quote or on-site consultation about our energy-saving products, please call Nicholls today.


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